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Information Page


 GRASS PLUGS Ships as 3" x3" Plugs

  • Deep Green Color
  • Medium Texture
  • Excellent Spreading Rate (Just behind El Toro)
  • Best choice in a Cold Tolerant Zoysia Grass for northern states!
  • Grows In Full Sun, Tolerates Medium shade in Southern areas.
  • Ideal For Converting Fescue Lawns

Zoysiagrass is wear tolerant and can be used on golf courses, athletic fields (baseball and softball), lawns and parks. It forms a dense sod but is slow to repair so it is normally not used on high traffic football or soccer fields.

In the south Zoysia has good shade tolerance while in the cooler areas it needs more sun. Zoysia is a highly desirable grass for the coastal areas with an increased tolerance for salt spray similar to St. Augustine.


Grass Plugs for Lawns or Turf

Our grass plugs are guaranteed to arrive in good condition or we will replace.

Any plug that fails to grow in 45 days will be replaced.

We ship our plugs in (2) slabs (12" x 16") that can be cut into
3" x 3" plugs with our FREE Grass Shears included in each paid order.


Planting Times

Ideal planting times vary greatly from region to region and year to year. Local weather conditions for planting in your area and here at our farm for harvesting grass are impossible to predict. Our regional Planting and Shipping Map has general information about the usual planting and shipping times to your area. Daily we review weather conditions and make our best judgments when to harvest and ship each order.

How long will the plugs last before planting?

Zoysia plugs are living plants, therefore, we recommend planting them as soon as possible. If the plugs cannot be planted upon receipt, remove them from the cartons, placing blade side up in an area that receives some sunlight (not direct sun). Mist the plugs with water and keep them moist until planting. Plugs must be planted within 2 weeks of receipt.